Josephine is a “Hammy” super-fan. She is two. Every time we get in the car she says, “I need Hammy!” She isn’t a huge talker, but she knows so many parts of the cast recording. The first part she learned was, “Ladies!”, but now she knows probably half of the musical. Every night when I put her to sleep, I sing her “Dear Theodosia” and she hums and sings along. After “Look at my son!” she always says, “YEAH!” When she sings to her babies, she sings, “Someday, someday!” She likes to watch Hamilton videos on YouTube and has for a year now. Although our whole family DOES love Hamilton, Josie has her very own, independent, deep love for Hammy.

She was supposed to be Peppa Pig for Halloween, but the costume traumatized her so we were just going to go without a costume, until I asked if she would like to be Hammy…and she was stoked. So on the day of Halloween, I hit up some thrift stores and ended up with an insanely cool Hammy costume, for under $10! It was meant to be. She was the proudest “Hammy” you’ve ever seen. We went out to dinner and she told everyone, “I HAMMY!” Unfortunately, we don’t live in a big theatre town so people didn’t really get it, but it didn’t matter to her. She was HAMMY, dangit.

IMG_8443_filtered copy
Not throwin’ away my shot!
IMG_8473_filtered copy
There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait…
IMG_8499_filtered copy
Why do you write like you’re running out of time?
IMG_8468_filtered copy
Only two years old, but my mind is older.
IMG_8482_filtered copy
What time is it? Showtime!
IMG_8484_filtered copy
Talks for six hours, the convention is listless!
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In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet, for just a moment…a yellow sky.

Last night, after I sang “Dear Theodosia” TWICE (because post-Halloween excitement is real), she kept happily saying, “I Hammy!”. She has multiple life-threatening food allergies, so for her Halloween is a little bit different. It was mostly a costume parade, without candy, so I’m so glad that she wore a costume that she loves so much. She’s still talking about it today! She keeps looking through her pictures and shouting, “MY SHOT!” Good thing these clothes have some growing room, because I don’t think it is the last time we’ve seen our pint-sized Hammy in action! ♥