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Hilarious, Joyful, Medically Complex. Food Allergies, Mito, CHD. Toddler, Tween, Teen. A new adventure every day.

Our Allergy-Safe Thanksgiving Menu

  Below is a collection of recipes we will be using for our Thanksgiving menu. I did not copy/paste the directions here due to copyright issues and respect for other people's content, however, I did list ingredients and our personal substitutions when... Continue Reading →


One year ago today, we said goodbye to our sweet girl and sent her to the OR with strangers who would open her chest and heart, and repair a very problematic hole between her ventricles. One year ago today, we spent... Continue Reading →

Josephine at 18 Months

Josephine is such a little character at this age and I want to capture some of it before it all changes and I forget the minutiae of our days. She is a mama's girl, through and through. Daddy is great and... Continue Reading →

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan 9/6/16

Teriyaki Chicken. Super easy thanks to Evol. Prep according to bag instructions! Tuna Casserole. Daiya Mac N Cheeze (cheddar) 2 small cans of tuna Lay's Classic chips The plan is to cook the box of macaroni and "cheeze", mix in... Continue Reading →

Josephine Update!

Oh, our Josie girl! Such a complicated bundle of joy. She's doing really well right now. She's walking well and starting to talk (she says: bye, hi, cat, up, and heeeeey- like Fonzi), and she signs like crazy! I can't... Continue Reading →

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan 8/28/16

We are aiming low this week, people! Fancy food folks, avert your eyes! We also usually try to mix it up with meat source and delivery method, but this week there are several beef meals and two pasta dishes. Oh... Continue Reading →

Dear Parents of Children Who Don’t Have Food Allergies,

  I'm writing because I know that food allergies can be a difficult subject to understand from the outside and that it can be a challenge to change your child's diet, especially for reasons that have nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

How We Do Homeschool: 6th Grade Edition

  Today is our last day of summer. Tomorrow N starts high school and K starts middle school! My kids are getting so big! Back to school feels very different this year because N has been going to school daily... Continue Reading →

How to Feed a Baby

Step One: Have a baby. Step Two: Feed it. Ha! If only it were this easy. In case you didn't know, it is World Breastfeeding Week. I've been meaning to collect my thoughts on my most recent breastfeeding journey for some... Continue Reading →

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