God of beginnings, endings, and middles,
Guide us gently into this new and unknown year;
the blank calendar pages and wide open spaces.
Tend to the fragile places in us with healing hands,
mend our frayed edges and jagged tears.
Patch up the places where we have worn thin,
and lift up our chins.
As we enter into this newness still carrying old burdens,
help us to look back not in exhaustion at the arduous journey,
but in wonder at our strength and resilience.
We may still have broken hearts or broken bodies,
we may not yet have any long hoped for answers,
but here we are.
Tender hearts and gentle hands have helped carry us through.
May our hope burn a little bit brighter today,
may the idea of a fresh start renew our strength,
may we grow and question and wrestle,
may joy be our stalwart companion,
may we find peace in the clamor,
may we always turn back towards Love, towards you, towards one another,
may we offer up our own tender hearts and gentle hands to those we meet,
and may we remember that no matter what lies ahead your love is already there.