Our Life is…

Hilarious, Joyful, Medically Complex. Food Allergies, Mito, CHD. Toddler, Tween, Teen. A new adventure every day.



A prayer for this day, and the days ahead

God,Keep me from carelessly lobbing the quick barb,Keep me from dehumanizing others in word or thought or deed,Keep me from scoring the easy point on top of someone else's pain,Keep me from choosing cleverness over compassion,Keep me from confusing smug... Continue Reading →

A New Year’s Prayer

God of beginnings, endings, and middles,Guide us gently into this new and unknown year;the blank calendar pages and wide open spaces.Tend to the fragile places in us with healing hands,mend our frayed edges and jagged tears.Patch up the places where... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Tired Mamas

Today we fed,cleaned,advocated,soothed,instructed,tried,listened,protected,juggled,sighed,labored,joked,chauffeured,nudged,read,dressed,birthed,chased,pleaded,prayed,launched.Today we carriedbabies in our arms,toddlers on our hips,preschoolers as they flailed about in protest,children that are not our own,fierce hope for our kid's success or safety or survival,worry that things will never change or that everything could,sorrow... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for Holy Saturday

Jesus, You died and still we wait. I feel myself lurching towards Sunday. There is less than an hour before today becomes tomorrow and my heart strains toward it knowing that tomorrow is where resurrection lies, but it is cheating.... Continue Reading →

A Prayer of Thanks in Spring

Thank you God for sunshine and temperate weather, and the little songs our hearts burst into upon its arrival. Thank you for pigtails, galoshes, 3 year olds who spontaneously burst into made up songs, energetic pups who run furious laps... Continue Reading →

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