Thank you God for sunshine and temperate weather, and the little songs our hearts burst into upon its arrival. Thank you for pigtails, galoshes, 3 year olds who spontaneously burst into made up songs, energetic pups who run furious laps around the yard, and the belly laughs that follow. Thank you for wiggling earthworms and gleeful shrieks. Thank you for the small red bowl of mud and earthworm sitting on my kitchen table right now. Thank you for butterflies and milkweed and wide fluttering circular flight paths that send waves of delight through small humans, and sometimes through big humans who have a bit of magical smallness still tucked away inside. Thank you for rocks and sticks and puddles. Thank you for bubbles blown in the yard, buoyed by joy itself. Thank you for impossibly small, freshly hatched caterpillars and for blooming bluebonnets. Thank you for clouds and their morphing magic, for the warm rays of sun on our cheeks as we watch their shifting shapes. Thank you for hammocks and the gentle breeze and good books. Thank you for small children who spy snails in their miniature jungles and the glittering trails they leave, pulling our attention to something so lovely and so overlooked. What would we do without their curiosity and wonder and attention to the glories we are too busy to see on our own? All these layers of life, right here! Thank you especially for the little one who looked at me and rubbed her belly and sagely said, “My body is really chilling out out here.” Thank you for making a world that reminds our bodies how to just be, and for moments that slow us down enough to learn it again and again and again. Thank you for the sound of wind in the trees, the whispered “shh” that reminds our souls that we are still children, and beloved ones at that. Thank you for all the often unnoticed delights that surround us, millions of miracles, the muddy ones and the broken ones and the mundane ones and the breathtaking ones and the ones that are too infinitesimal to be seen with our eyes but matter still in the wild dance of reawakening life called Spring. Amen.