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Vegan, Allergy-Friendly Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

We got an Instant Pot shortly before Christmas and have used it several times now. It is especially great for time-consuming things like mashed potatoes, because you can go from raw to thoroughly boiled in under ten minutes! However, there... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter 2016

Dear friends and family, Yet again, we are going the virtual route for our Christmas letter. There comes a time when you have to admit defeat and realize that you are never, ever going to get anything into printed format... Continue Reading →

7 Simple, Allergy-Friendly Dinners: 12/4/16

Italian Chicken and Potatoes: Frozen chicken breasts Italian dressing (safe) Golden potatoes Cut potatoes into cubes, add everything to crockpot, cool on high for 4 hours. Easy! Sloppy Jos: Ground beef Sloppy sauce (safe) Schar ciabatta rolls Tater tots (safe)... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Carol

  Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to take my big kids (and my son's girlfriend) to a showing of A Christmas Carol at the Alley Theatre. It was the first time I've seen a show at the Alley and... Continue Reading →

Our Allergy-Safe Thanksgiving Menu

  Below is a collection of recipes we will be using for our Thanksgiving menu. I did not copy/paste the directions here due to copyright issues and respect for other people's content, however, I did list ingredients and our personal substitutions when... Continue Reading →


One year ago today, we said goodbye to our sweet girl and sent her to the OR with strangers who would open her chest and heart, and repair a very problematic hole between her ventricles. One year ago today, we spent... Continue Reading →

Josephine at 18 Months

Josephine is such a little character at this age and I want to capture some of it before it all changes and I forget the minutiae of our days. She is a mama's girl, through and through. Daddy is great and... Continue Reading →

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan 9/6/16

Teriyaki Chicken. Super easy thanks to Evol. Prep according to bag instructions! Tuna Casserole. Daiya Mac N Cheeze (cheddar) 2 small cans of tuna Lay's Classic chips The plan is to cook the box of macaroni and "cheeze", mix in... Continue Reading →

Josephine Update!

Oh, our Josie girl! Such a complicated bundle of joy. She's doing really well right now. She's walking well and starting to talk (she says: bye, hi, cat, up, and heeeeey- like Fonzi), and she signs like crazy! I can't... Continue Reading →

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