God of our Broken World and our Broken Bodies,

Thank you for the breath of life, even and maybe especially breath that is breathed into us by non-sentient yet utterly life-supporting machines, giving peace we sorely lacked.

Thank you for daily bread though it may come in the form of highly-processed rehydrated powders, broken down into amino acids that pass through various plastics, propelled onward by more mechanical wizardry and harnessed electrical impulses.

Thank you for eyes that see through expertly curved lenses and for the hands and minds that made them.

Thank you for ears that hear, for microprocessors tiny enough to fit on human ears of all sizes and shapes, capturing sounds and sending them in and through and around and across to where they can be received.

May we breathe life into one another today.

May we offer nourishment to one another today.

May we help each other see something more clearly today.

May we speak true and beautiful things in ways they can be received today.