How could I let the month go by without a list of things I am thankful for? I decided to use prompts this year to think outside of my box a little bit.


  1. Josh’s cologne, which has changed a few times over the years, but still smells like home to me
  2. Modern medicine; feeding pumps, oxygen concentrators, glucometers, medications, open heart surgery, epi-pens; all manner of things that have kept my girls alive. I’m keenly aware that in most other times in history, they would not have survived.
  3. The color of cotton candy sunsets
  4. Elecare Jr, K’s main source of nutrition, and for food that is allergy-safe for Jo
  5. Josie’s laughter
  6. I am a sucker for beautiful sunsets.
  7. Jo’s birth. I think about it so often. It was an incredibly precious gift. I wish every mama could have at least one birth where they were fully supported and felt in charge of their own body and birth. There is so much power in birth.
  8. Blessed Are the Misfits currently.
  9. Home. It isn’t fancy, but I cherish it so.
  10. Cheese. It makes everything taste better and I sure miss eating it at home.
  11. Christmas, it is my favorite. Especially when there isn’t an elf around making trouble!
  12. This one is tough, I never really think about textures. I have lots of textures I don’t like, but can’t think of specific textures that I do like. The only two I can think of are the softness of baby skin, or the super soft velvety hair of newborns.
  13. I’m so thankful for my ability to soothe Josie simply by being there. I know it won’t last forever, but it is a gift.
  14. The faces of the people I love.
  15. Winter, the other three seasons here are just varying degrees of summer.
  16. I grew three humans, I will always appreciate the awesomeness of my body for that.
  17. The knowledge that I am so incredibly loved by Jesus.
  18. Hamilton. It is one piece of art that my whole family appreciates.
  19. The kind of touch where someone lightly runs their fingers over your skin. I used to lift up my shirt and lay across people’s laps when I was a kid and ask them to rub me. Haha! I’ve thankfully outgrown that behavior, but I still loooove a light back rub!
  20. Family. Birth family, by-marriage family, my little family, chosen family, church family.
  21. Dear Me.
  22. How Josh and I met.
  23. Thanks-A-Palooza. Its still kind of new, but I love it.
  24. Being a special needs mom. It has definitely been challenging, but it has truly made me a better person with more compassion, strength, grit, and gratitude…and the circle of people that challenge has brought into my life are priceless.
  25. I’m going to go ahead and say that my favorite this moment this week will be Friday, when I don’t have to think of something to write about for the first time in 30 days!
  26. Written word. Even though I feel insane for deciding to write daily this month, I have enjoyed putting my thoughts into words and being “forced” to make time for it everyday. But I love photography, too!
  27. Coffeemaker. It gives me life, daily.
  28. My dad came by to visit for a while. Josie is such a hoot when people come over, and such a grumpy bear when they leave.
  29. Joshua. He is my favorite person, my home, my best friend. I can’t imagine going though life without his companionship and the way he makes me laugh (and roll my eyes) and loves me so well.
  30. I don’t know that it is a talent of skill, but I think I do a fair job at bearing with others when they are going through the rough stuff of life. I may not have the words to say or the ability to fix something, but I will sit with you through it, if you want me to.