This morning sucked. We had Josie’s cardiology appointment which always causes some  stress even though I know she *should* continue to be fine. On top of that, my map app miscalculated our leave time when I checked it last night in preparation, and that error put us 15 minutes LATE as soon as we left the house (which was supposed to be early with a 10 minute buffer…and I worked hard to get everyone out the door “in time”). Then the traffic just kept stacking up and making us later. I called the clinic to let them know how late we would be, and they had to go check to see if we could still be seen. Ugh. Then as soon as I hung up, I saw that the estimate arrival time had extended another TWENTY MINUTES. I don’t deal well with being late in general, but I especially hate it when we are late for a clinic appointment because I know that late patients are what throws the whole day off, and it makes every patient thereafter grumbly about clinic running so far behind. So I was stressed, and I felt guilty for being late and messing up a day of clinic AND for making my family jump through hoops so both Josh and I could be at the appointment. Did I mention that it sucked? I literally asked Josh to just turn around and go home several times, so we could just reschedule. But that didn’t happen.

We somehow made it there at just about the time I had estimated for the clinic staff over the phone! Josie was SO good for her echo, EKG, and then second echo for additional images. She did so well. The cardiologist said her heart looks great and her growth is good! We don’t have to be seen again for a year! After next year’s visit, they may get spaced even further apart. Things have been steadily improving since then.

  1. Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie is $3.99 on Kindle, so I snatched that up.
  2. Jo woke up early and we had a late night planned, so I put her down for a nap. It’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet of a midday nap.
  3. I got to play Splatoon 2, on account of that midday nap!
  4. Our Usborne order arrived! Free books! So awesome! (Hosting a party is sooo worth it! Thank you to everyone who participated in mine!!)
  5. We got to go see Zoo Lights for free through K’s mito clinic! N was busy with high school stuff, so we took my little sister-in-law since we had already signed up for 5 tickets. It wasn’t busy at all and they were giving free carousel rides. It was really nice! We don’t like crowds and can’t spend $100 to see lights, so this was the only way Zoo Lights was happening for us. Josie really loved running around and looking at everything. This will be a fun Christmas year with her!
  6. We ran into Elizabeth and her crew at Zoo Lights. Always so nice to see them!

So, all in all, it turned out to be a really, really nice day in spite of the awful start. I hope you all had unexpectedly lovely days, too.

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