Josie has been in a mood for a couple of days now and hasn’t been sleeping well for a week or more. I’ve been having to go to bed early because she needs me, and even when I’m with her at night she has been super fitful and clingier than usual. It’s a little bit exhausting. We swapped her toddler bed out for the twin mattress she used to sleep on in hopes it might make her more comfy, but she still ended up in our bed by 11pm last night.

She was excited to go to church this morning, but her trusted nursery worker was out sick and she was not interested in hanging out with someone new. She wasn’t in a compliant mood in service, but we (barely) survived. Every time I asked her if she wanted to say “Hi.” to someone, she put her hands on her hip and said, “No!” Ooookay, then.

This afternoon, I just decided to hunker down in the bedroom with her which seems to mellow her more than the rest of the house (This is my best advice for cranky babies and toddlers, go hang out in the bedroom for a while. Baths help, too, but take more effort.). We’ve cuddled, read books, watched TV, had snacks, played iPad, taken care of baby dolls, and just calmly existed…but there has still been some discontented shrieking about nothing. Less than yesterday, though. Josh took her on a walk to break things up a bit. It’s been a long day.

I’m not sure what’s up with her. Molars? Developmental leap? Feeling yucky in a non-specific way? I don’t know. Yesterday she was so distraught that I gave her Motrin, because it seemed like she might be in pain. It may have taken the edge off, but didn’t help a discernible amount. We went to the park and it seemed to distract her for a while, but not for very long. We all have cranky days, but it’s a little more challenging when a little human has them because they can’t articulate why or what may help. Hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon. Tomorrow is her big cardiology check-up (echo, EKG, cardiologist) and I hope she will be in a somewhat agreeable mood! Eeek!