One year ago today, we said goodbye to our sweet girl and sent her to the OR with strangers who would open her chest and heart, and repair a very problematic hole between her ventricles.


One year ago today, we spent hours with our friends in the waiting area, trying to not think too much about what was happening with our baby girl and what the stakes were.


One year ago today, we had the longest day of our lives; a day that felt like 3 days, at least. I still don’t have the right words for what kind of day it was. Looking back, it almost feels like it happened to someone else, but it didn’t. It happened to Josie, and to us, and we all made it through. It was a hard day, but it was also a day of healing, a day that set things right for our girl, a day that finally gave her a chance to really thrive.



Because of that day, we get to have delightfully normal days like today…


Happy Heartiversary, Super Jo. Here’s to many more, kiddo. ♥


(You can read more about Josie’s open heart surgery here.)