Josie is 6 months old and a total JOY! It has been a weird, wild, and exceedingly blessed six months with our sweet, tiny girl.

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Unfortunately, that means it is time for her big open heart surgery to repair her VSD. Tonight, we drop the kids off at their respective homes for the near future, and tomorrow morning at 8am, Josh, Josie, and I will be at the hospital for her pre-op appointment. After that, she will be admitted for the night and be taken for surgery sometime Friday. Surgery will last roughly 5 hours, once it has started. Following surgery, she will be in the ICU for a few days (no non-adult visitors and per our request, no visitors that will be upset seeing her in that state…we will not be in a position to make anyone feel better, unfortunately.) and on the cardiac floor for several more, providing all goes well. Please pray for all of us. Josh and I are understandably anxious, the kids are going to be out of pocket and without us for quite a while, and poor little Jo will have to endure much more than a wee one should have to endure! I’m especially concerned about how she’ll sleep…we co-sleep at night and for naps she likes to be bounced and patted to sleep across my lap, none of which will be possible following surgery. Pray for a successful procedure, smooth recovery and positive growth post-op, effective pain relief and rest, nurses that love her, for her smiles to come back quickly, peace for her siblings, and a whole lot of patience and just the right amount of denial to get us all through this. I wish I could blink us into the future where she will be happily recovered, but the only way to get to the other side is through, so here we go!