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christmas letter

Christmas Letter 2019

Dear friends and family,It is January 4th and I am terribly late with our yearly letter, but thanks be to God for the gift of the church calendar because I can still call it our Christmas letter as long as... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter 2017

Dear friends and family, Another year has come and gone, and still, the complexities of getting this done and mailed in a timely fashion is just beyond here it is, Christmas Eve and I am furiously typing this while... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter 2016

Dear friends and family, Yet again, we are going the virtual route for our Christmas letter. There comes a time when you have to admit defeat and realize that you are never, ever going to get anything into printed format... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter 2015

Dear friends and family, Once again, we decided to go the virtual route with our Christmas cards and letter. 2015 did not leave much spare room for such things (in fact, if I finish writing this before Christmas, it will... Continue Reading →

Christmas Letter 2014

Dear family and friends, Since last year I made/ordered cards and wrote/printed our Christmas letter and neither ever made it into the mail, I decided to simplify life this year and handle this virtually instead so maybe it would actually... Continue Reading →

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