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Vegan, Allergy-Friendly Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

We got an Instant Pot shortly before Christmas and have used it several times now. It is especially great for time-consuming things like mashed potatoes, because you can go from raw to thoroughly boiled in under ten minutes! However, there... Continue Reading →

7 Simple, Allergy-Friendly Dinners: 12/4/16

Italian Chicken and Potatoes: Frozen chicken breasts Italian dressing (safe) Golden potatoes Cut potatoes into cubes, add everything to crockpot, cool on high for 4 hours. Easy! Sloppy Jos: Ground beef Sloppy sauce (safe) Schar ciabatta rolls Tater tots (safe)... Continue Reading →

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan 9/6/16

Teriyaki Chicken. Super easy thanks to Evol. Prep according to bag instructions! Tuna Casserole. Daiya Mac N Cheeze (cheddar) 2 small cans of tuna Lay's Classic chips The plan is to cook the box of macaroni and "cheeze", mix in... Continue Reading →

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan 8/28/16

We are aiming low this week, people! Fancy food folks, avert your eyes! We also usually try to mix it up with meat source and delivery method, but this week there are several beef meals and two pasta dishes. Oh... Continue Reading →

Allergy-Friendly Meal Plan 6/12/16

  I mentioned our fun new food allergy restrictions in my last post. I'm going to start sharing some of the things we eat, in hopes that it helps other people who are in similar situations. I find that so... Continue Reading →

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