In no particular order…

1. Last week, for the first time since starting occupational therapy at 17 months, K’s OT mentioned her possibly graduating in the next few months. Whoa! Her sweet OT was a little teary-eyed at the prospect, too. K has been her patient since she started there and I can’t quite imagine not seeing Ms. Becky every Friday (though, the plan will be to replace OT with PT since that is a bigger need right now)! But I’m glad K is making good progress with her fine motor work! Graduating from therapy isn’t like graduating from other things…kids often have to restart when the milestones from their peers increase…but it hasn’t even been mentioned until now! Pretty cool.

2. K sat through a movie with me at the theater without needing 6,749 reminders about theater behavior. Another, whoa moment! K feels a compulsion to repeat lines during a movie (especially funny lines), so I spend most of the movie reminding her not to do that and not have a loud running commentary about the movie and to pick my lap or her seat and just SIT.STILL.FOR.A.MINUTE. But after my initial reminder to not repeat lines, I didn’t have to tell her anything else. We just watched the movie! I complimented her behavior after the movie and she said, “I guess I’ve matured since the last time we went to the movies!” Indeed!

3. K was matched with a runner through I Run For Michael. It is an organization that matches able-bodied runners to people or kids who cannot run for whatever reason and a symbiotic sort of encouragement/support network forms between the two. K’s runner is Kelly and she is so sweet! Today K is having a not-so-good day (gut slow down, low sats, high heart rate, joint pain, congestion) and Kelly posted this picture and an awesome little pep talk for our sock monkey-loving girl (and no, her name isn’t secret…I just prefer not to type it/make it easily searchable)!


We are very excited to be part of this neat program! If you are a runner, or in need of a runner, follow this link and get signed up! There are a lot of runners queued up and waiting for someone to run for! Sign up and make their day!

4. Glow in the Dark J-extension! A month or two ago, Grant from AMT contacted me about getting us some adapters for K’s g-port so we could give meds without the use of an extension (HOORAY!) which I had complained about in one of my blog posts. I love AMT, because they are VERY patient-centered and really try hard to meet the needs of their users. He also sent us a new glow-in-the-dark J-extension…but K’s tummy has been working pretty well since then and we hadn’t needed to use it…until today! The cool factor definitely made us feel better about needing the J-port again and K was super excited to finally use it. I think it is a great idea. K says she likes that she will be able to easily unhook herself in the night when she needs to go potty…and of course, that it is so COOL!


5. K is on Student Council! She is very excited to be a part of something and says it is a wonderful way to get ready for her presidential candidacy some day. Tomorrow is their first breakfast meeting. This was her application paragraph (she said she added in the last line to flatter the decision makers)…


So yup, K seems to be getting sick and had a not-so-good day today, but there is always loads to be thankful for and excited about! 🙂