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Hilarious, Joyful, Medically Complex. Food Allergies, Mito, CHD. Toddler, Tween, Teen. A new adventure every day.



Gift Ideas for (High-Needs) Toddlers

We have a high-needs toddler, as I mentioned before. High-needs kids don't really play independently, like at all. It can be challenging to shop for a little Cling-on (because the thing that mainly want is YOU), so I'm sharing a... Continue Reading →


Four years ago, we changed the way we do Christmas gifts for kids. Instead of buying willy-nilly (within our budgetary limits), we shifted to a want/need/wear/read structure. This means our kids get 4 gifts from us, and each of them... Continue Reading →

Christmas and New Year’s!

We had a great Christmas this year...well, we had several Christmases, actually. They were all good! Family, friends, presents, food, church, an awesome trip to the North Pole. Good stuff. For our main family Christmas, we handled things a little... Continue Reading →

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