Me and my gals have seen each other through break-ups, marriages, pregnancy scares, divorces, new babies, moves, new jobs, real-life brushes with death, morning sickness,  hospital stays, depression and anxiety, sick kids, challenging family dynamics, illnesses, potty-training, preparing to send kids off to college, and a whole host of other things.

We talk about deep things and shallow things and all the things in between; podcasts, books, religion, food, politics, movies, life-threatening illnesses, Costco, Target, our ever-evolving identities, our hopes, and our dreams.

We communicate with words or meaningful looks, GIFs or emojis, Office-quotes or text messages.

We see each other often or sparingly, depending on the season of life, but we are always there when needed.

We gather around pizza and wine, nachos and margaritas, books and coffee, toddlers and sippy cups, husbands and board games, Greek food and shot glasses, pizzookies and…well, you don’t really need anything else if you have pizzookies.

We laugh, we cry, we joke, we comfort, and we give headpats and hugs.

We are the same and we are different, but all of it makes us more awesome.

We love each other just as we are, and we help each other grow and change, too.

We keep each other sane and smiling, even through the roughest stuff.

So here’s to my gals! I don’t know what I would do without you. Happy Galentine’s Day!!