This afternoon, K sneezed and Josie said, “Bless you, Hatie.” and then proceeded to bless the rest of us or good measure. “Bless you, Bubba. Bless you, Daddy. Bless you, Mommy.” I rounded it out with a “Bless you, Josie.” It was so precious. We are praying blessings over you all as well.

Wherever you are today, I pray that God’s blessings would be evident to you in all things. Whether we are in an easy season or a difficult one, whether we have too much or not enough, whether we are surrounded by others or all by ourselves, whether we are in our own homes or displaced, whether we are filled with peace or concern, whether we are healthy or sick, God’s blessings persist. May we be filled with that certainty today.

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.

Praise Christ, all people here below.

Praise Holy Spirit evermore.

Praise Triune God whom we adore.


If today is difficult for you, if you are missing loved ones, if your relationships are strained or severed, if pain is more present than thanksgiving, I pray that peace and joy would find you when you need it most. Sending love and light from my heart to yours.