Josie is super into Daniel Tiger. I like it, too. Catchy songs, good lessons. But sometimes I wonder…what exactly is going on in The Neighborhood??

  • Is The Neighborhood a cult or an experimental child development community? Is that why are there so few people living there? Is that why ALL the adults know all the same catchy songs?
  • Why does Prince Tuesday work every low level job in the Neighborhood? Is this part of the child development experiment? Does King Friday want him to have hands-on experience in all sectors before he becomes king? Why are there no other teenagers in The Neighborhood?
  • Why do The Tigers have these curtains? This is not okay.be5557c9e0179b4acc5bc3f8ea9e2607--daniel-tiger-daniel-oconnell
  • Why does Daniel wear pants to bed and not to school? Why does Mommy Tiger wear pants, if the boy tigers don’t?
  • Why does O live with his uncle? Did his parents leave the cult/experimental community Neighborhood at some point?
  • Does Mommy Tiger have a job? She seems to wear a scrub top, but there doesn’t seem to be a hospital in The Neighborhood.
  • Related, if someone needs higher level care than Doctor/Firefighter Anna, do they have to leave the Neighborhood? Does it disqualify them from the experimental community? Could that be what happened to O’s parents?

    What do you think is going on in The Neighborhood? Do you have any burning questions I missed?