Tonight, I took K to see Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink at a book signing of It Devours! at Murder By The Book in Houston. She looooooves Welcome to Nightvale, so it was a very big deal that she was super looking forward to. We got there a little bit early and got FRONT ROW SEATS! Amazing! (I actually gave mine up so it would be open for a SuperFan, but it stayed empty so my loss.) I’m going to let K take it from here…

it devours

So.. tonight.

November 6th, 2017. The It Devours! book tour date in Houston, Texas. *sigh* This’ll be a long one.

The evening started off with us rushing to get ready. It’s not like we were going to be late because we were leaving early, but still, it was stressful. We got to the place and it wasn’t full at all. Probably because we didn’t get there as late as most people. Time passed, the talk started, questions were asked, answers were given. Joseph and Jeffrey were pretty funny guys, they made jokes, a lot of people (including your host, me) laughed. Most of it, I will admit, was a mixture of actual laughter and nervous laughter. Then the audience got to ask questions. I didn’t. I had one in mind, but I had no idea if it was a good one. Then…

The book signing. The actual signing, like where they take your book and deface it with your consent. I got two books signed, and I was stuttering like there was no tomorrow. I did however manage to get out that my friend from Nebraska (who shall not be named in case people actually read this) said hi. They said “Tell him we said hi back, nah, tell the entire state of Nebraska we said hi.” I told him this later and he screamed with joy I assume, otherwise I’d be concerned. We left and saw one person wearing a Lightning Thief t-shirt, one who recognized my Attack on Titan hoodie, and one who had a completely different fandom jacket that I can’t seem to remember.

Then we went home and did normal things that you don’t need to know about. Maybe I wrote this. What are you, the Sheriff’s Secret Police trying to creep in on my life?

As an outsider (I don’t listen to the podcast and haven’t read the books), it was still a really good talk. I actually want to read the book now! They spoke about writing and theatre, and it was all of interest to me and to K, who is an aspiring writer and thespian. They were very friendly with K as she had her book signed and even signed the previous Nightvale book for her. They said, “Thanks for letting us deface your property!” It was a great night and I am so happy I was able to help make it happen for K! As we left she said, “I’m shaking, I hope my legs can carry me to the car!” It has been a pretty amazing week for my big kids! It makes my heart so full.