This past Saturday, my best friend’s little sister got married and I was asked to be the photographer. I was happy to help, but I am definitely not a professional photographer so I was pretty anxious going into it. Additionally, it was the first time Josh and I would both be away from home (like an hour and a half away) for an extended period of time and someone else was responsible for putting her to bed. (On the way there, I told Josh, “Please make sure we don’t die. We haven’t made legal arrangements for who gets the kids.”) It was a big day! Everything went beautifully, though! We had a great time at the wedding, I captured quite a few images that I really love (and more importantly, that the bride and groom love!) and learned some things for the future, and Josie did great with my mom handling bedtime.

Don’t we look fancy? We went shopping at Burlington that morning because we had no dressy clothes! LOL.


Sunday was for decompressing, editing photos (much of this still in my future!), meal planning, and grocery shopping. N went to see Hidden Figures with some friends.

Monday was ALL the activities. Josie’s therapy appointment was moved to Monday, K started theater again, and N and Josh had scouts. Mondays. Tuesday was just a normal day; homeschool and doing whatever Josie commanded. K went to spend time with Josh’s family in the evening. The rest of us had super yummy spaghetti for dinner.


Wednesday night was our Houston Moms Blog “Holladay” party and it was so fun! It was a progressive meal throughout Rice Village with a pitstop at Origins for facials and hand/arm massages in the middle. We hit Nao, Little Liberty, and (my personal favorite) Coco Crepes where I had the most fantastic gluten-free cinnamon roll crepe. Being gluten-free meant that I had to pass on most food offerings (special shout out to the cheese and fruit at Origins for getting me through the middle!), but that crepe made me glad I hadn’t eaten much because I would not have been able to eat as much of it as I did…and I still couldn’t finish it! Our team is full of such fun (and funny!) women and it was a pleasure to spend an evening with them! It’s an honor to be a part of this group of fantastic women.



Thursday was Josie’s best friend’s birthday! Milly is TWO! That means Josie will be TWO in three more months (they were both born on the 12th of their respective months, and are exactly 3 months apart). Time is just flying by, but they are such a joy to watch as they grow. I was recently reading through the private blog of letters I wrote to my Little Duck when we were trying to create her and then during my pregnancy and this one really plucked at my heart:

Dear Little Duck,

Something very exciting happened this past weekend! Aunt Laura found out she is pregnant!! We went out with a group of friends to a pub for Star Wars trivia on May the 4th and she managed to tell me telepathically from across the crowded table. Some of the very best friends in life are the kind that can communicate life-changing news without using a single word…just facial expressions and maybe a hand gesture here or there. Hopefully, you and your “cousin” Pod (what they have taken to calling the new baby for the time being) will grow up to be those kind of friends! Your dad and I have been waiting for years for our best friends to decide if they wanted to have children (or a child) and it is greatly celebrated news, even if we are still waiting on you. And really, we have been waiting for THEIR first baby MUCH longer than we have been planning on and waiting for you! But, it would be so nice if you and Pod were close enough in age to grow up as pals. We’ll see! We miss you, Little Duck, and hope you will be joining our family very soon.



It is an answer to lots of prayers to get to be mamas alongside my best friend and watch our little girls take on the world together! ♥



Today is Friday, just a regular hanging at home day since therapy was moved to Monday this week, and the weekend has NOTHING scheduled so far. I’m sure we’ll fill it up, but it is nice to have a weekend with nothing already set in stone (except meal-planning and grocery shopping….groan!).