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Please Stay Home If You Are Sick.

It is once again that magical time of year, COLD AND FLU SEASON. Stomach bugs, strep, flu, hand foot and mouth, and garden-variety upper respiratory viruses are running rampant, and sadly most people are making their job a lot easier... Continue Reading →

Ladybug Celebration Day!

Carole Amber is the author of the beautiful book, The Gift of the Ladybug, which she wrote to share her son TJ's story and communicate the experience of discovering that you are parenting a different kind of child than you... Continue Reading →

More about Mito

Mitochondrial Disease Awareness week is over, but at our house it is never really over and there are a few more things I wanted to share here that I posted about on Facebook last week. Mitochondrial Disease is an INVISIBLE... Continue Reading →

Life with Mito

When K was born, she was seemingly healthy. With the exception of a couple of ER visits during her infancy, frequent illnesses, and slowness to reach milestones...we thought things were okay for most of her first year. By her first... Continue Reading →

Rare Disease Day!

Today was Global Rare Disease Day and the teachers and Staff at K's school participated in Global Genes Project's Wear that you Care Day Fundraiser. They donated a total of $210 to MitoAction in honor of our sweet girl (and... Continue Reading →

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