Our Life is…

Hilarious, Joyful, Medically Complex. Food Allergies, Mito, CHD. Toddler, Tween, Teen. A new adventure every day.



Here, God’s love is for everyone.

Today at church we celebrated Pride Sunday. I was asked to share a little about what the inclusivity of our church means to me, and this is what I said. This first time I visited this church, I was a... Continue Reading →


My Anthem

Dear Me ... This is a letter to the girl I used to be Dear Me ... There are some things that you should know It's not my intention to embarrass or to shame you What's inside the rear-view mirror... Continue Reading →


Today was Thanksgiving lunch at church and it was so lovely. All day, I've been thinking about how thankful I am that this church has come into our lives this year. I've mentioned several times lately that I have been... Continue Reading →

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