Back in January…

K decided that her Valentine should be her friend N, because he knows about Harry Potter (he went on a Make-A-Wish trip this year to Harry Potter World!) and he would “understand her”. I told N’s mom and she told him and it got back to K that she had told him and K exclaimed at dinner one night, “You told him? You’re a blabbermouth!” LOL!

A couple of weeks later, we all went to an Aeros game and K brought N a Valentine she had worked on in occupational therapy (that is them on the left, he is on the side with her good ear, of course).


The Camp For All Gala…

This particular photo was taken by the photographer that night and he asked K to pick her head up off his shoulder and she said, “But I LIKE putting my head on his shoulder!” It was cute. The photographer did finally talk her into picking up her head, but then this was the photo he ended up posting after all!


At K’s birthday party…

She introduced him to her friends and family as “her husband”. He was polite and shook everyone’s hands. Such a gentlemanly husband! When her Kindergarten crush arrived, she said, “I’m sorry. I’m not your girlfriend anymore…this is my husband, N.” Oh my.


This weekend…

was the party for N’s brothers or as K now refers to them her “brothers-in-law” (who are also great friends of K’s). I thought N might be a little more reserved around his family and friends, but NOPE, they were attached at the hip as always and she was introduced as his wife! They really are too sweet with one another and I love that K has a precious little friend who really gets her. Oxygen? Tube feeds? Gut that won’t work sometimes? Glasses? Laundry list of meds? Hates peanuts? Loves Harry Potter? Yes, to all of the above! 🙂